Amukkara Powder (Indian Ginseng) 1lb – Fresh & Pure


Ingredients: Natural Organic Amukkara herb

Other Names: Botanical : Withania somnifera, English: Winter Cherry; Indian Ginseng, Sanskrit: Ashwagandha (“horse smell”); Hindi: Kanaje, Tamil: Amukkara, Telugu: Penneru,vajigandha, Marathi – askandha, Kannada – kanchuki

Traditional Uses: Restorative, nerve tonic, Used as a calming agent for insomnia . Used for treating stress, anxiety, gastric disorders and rheumatic pain.

Quality: We offer Premium Quality Amukkara Powder, processed as per the GMP standards. Special care is taken to use the fresh and pure ingredients, the herbs are properly cleansed and processed as per the traditional / authoritative texts / methods to retain its natural aroma, color, taste, purity and effectiveness and maintaining the quality. Worth Trying.

Direction for use: Mix 1/2 spoon (2-3 g) of Ammukara Powder in a glass of hot and diluted milk and drink after dinner.

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  • Amukkara is used in traditional Indian and Ayurvedic medicine for treating stress, anxiety, sleeplessness, high blood pressure, giddiness and nervous disorders.
  • Amukkara is a natural tonic and an adaptogen, helps the body adapt to stress, especially for the elderly 
  • Promotes strength and vigor, used as a calming agent for sleeplessness.
  • Amukkara is also a Liver tonic and an Anti-inflammatory agent
  • Used in the treatment of rheumatic pain and arthritis. 
  • Studies also indicate a positive effect of Amukkara on neuronal activities and memory.

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