Yogis Herbs Hearte Capsules – Combines The Goodness of Hibiscus, White Lotus and Rose ( Supports Heart Health ) 90 Count Veg Capsules


  • Stress relief, Immune booster, Anti oxidant, blood purifier
  • Hearte Combines the Goodness of Hibiscus, White Lotus and Rose
  • Good supplement for the heart health, helps reduce blood pressure and stress
  • Helps lower stress levels, promotes restful sleep and helps to Relax
  • Premium Quality Product
  • Convenient to use
  • Worth Trying !

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There is growing awareness about the use of herbal supplements to stay fit and healthy. In our continuous endeavor to bring useful herbs to your doorstep, we are happy to introduce “Hearte”, a 100% Natural supplement that captures the goodness of three amazing flowers, Sembaruthi (Hibiscus), Venthamarai (White Lotus) and Roja (Rose), Well known to support the Heart health, possibly due to the remarkable similarity and synergy between them.

Benefits of Sembaruthi – (Hibiscus Rosa sinensis):Hibiscus is rich in anti oxidant, supports heart and cardiovascular health.

Benefits of Venthamarai – (Nelumbo nucifera): Venthamarai support heart health, helps reduce blood pressure, Helps lower stress levels and promotes restful sleep.

Benefits of Rose – (Rosa centifolia): Supports heart health, helps reduce blood pressure and stress, Rose is a coolant -Reduces body heat, supports digestion. WorthTrying !

We offer 100% Natural and premium quality product made with fresh and best quality ingredients, properly processed using traditional methods and as per GMP standards by professionals with years of experience, traditional knowledge and scientific background. No Additives or Preservatives used.

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